Research centre

The combined research centre and headquater of Floor Iptech is located in Viken, Sweden.

Photo: Apelvägen 2, Viken

Research and development

With over 20 years of experience, Floor Iptech manages and develops the cutting edge in flooring technology.

Photo: Water proof WPP core for laminate and WFF flooring

About the company

Floor Iptech AB is an R&D and IP company within the flooring industry. It was founded by the founder of Välinge Innovation AB - Darko Pervan. The aim is to develop new and advanced products and production methods and to extend the technology base beyond the present locking technology for laminate and wood floors.

A main technology field is digital solutions based on low cost and reliable printing technologies especially adapted for high speed printing and forming of panel surfaces.

Another technology field is new cost competitive and waterproof core materials that may replace conventional HDF boards presently used in laminate and powder based floors and that may provide product properties similar to LVT and ceramic tiles.

A third segment is special and advanced locking systems that broaden the locking technology to completely new application such as tool less installation of furniture and glue free installation of ceramic tiles.

Floor Iptech has already filed numerous patent applications related to its new technologies with the objective to obtain an IP portfolio that will be the most advanced in the flooring industry. New technologies will be commercialised by licensing and with own flooring production.

Foor Iptech initiates new R&D projects and files patent applications. R&D activities and licensing of new IP protected technology is made in cooperation with other parties - mainly Välinge Invest AB

“We have already changed the way people install laminate and wood floors. The aim is now to change the way floors are produced and to expand locking technology to completely new applications” Darko Pervan, CEO Floor Iptech


Digital technology

Our digital technology platform utilises water based liquid substances to apply and bond particles or pigments in a cost efficient way.

  • Digital BAP printing
  • Digital embossing
  • Digital overlay
  • Digital coating
  • Print layer
  • Ink jet mix

Locking systems

Our locking systems cover a wide range of applications, including mechanical installation of ceramic tiles.

  • Tile - loc
  • 2G+
  • Snap Tab+
  • Clip loc
  • T-loc Universal

Core technology

Our new water proof cores based on thermoplastic particles bring significantly improved properties and decreased costs for laminate and WFF flooring.

  • WPP core
  • 3D core